Create Your Own Banners!

    Pocket PC Elite comes with four stock banners that can be displayed on the Market Prices screen. But we didn't stop there! The four stock banners can be replaced, and many more can be added. Up to twenty banners can be recalled while the game is running. We left plenty of room for all those who desire to create their own custom banners for the game!

Banner 1
Banner 2

Banner 3
Banner 4
    The stock banners are 219 x 48 pixel size, 256 colors, and PNG format for fast loading. The game will support resolutions up to 24-bit, and will also support GIF, JPG, and BMP formats.

Send Us Your Banners!

    Do you have a great banner? Send it to us! We'll post the best ones here on the banners page for all to see and use in the game.
The Rules
  • All banners must conform to the above banner specifications.
  • Banners must have a theme based on any of the Elite games.
  • Banners promoting dedicated Elite websites are acceptable.
  • Creators are responsible for obtaining written permission for
    the use of any copyrighted material in their design, that is not
    the property of the creator of the banner.
  • Banners which convey offensive or obscene text or graphics
    will not be accepted.
  • Banners that appear to have been drawn with "two colors
    and a stick" will not be accepted (unless they are really funny!).    :>)
Send your Banner creations to

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