The Dark Wheel
by Robert Holdstock

    The Dark Wheel is a 48 page short novel (novella) which was included with the original Elite versions. It is about Alex Ryder and his journey of discovery in the Elite universe. Alex survives a brutal attack in space which destroys his ship and kills his father. Thus starts the quest to find out why his father was attacked, and who did it. Alex soon learns that his father was much more than just a simple trader. Thus starts Alex's journey on the path to becoming Elite.

    The novella is often regarded my many fans as the definitive story of the Elite games. It accurately sets the mood and atmosphere of the Elite games, and describes what it really means to become one of the Elite. The one question that has never been answered is why Hollywood has never made a movie from The Dark Wheel!

    The novella is presented in HTML format, and will properly display on the Pocket PC, as well as on any web browser. And now we present for your pleasure The Dark Wheel . . .

display the novella

    Download the novella ZIP folder with separate HTML pages designed specifically for the Pocket PC.

download the novella

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