Ship Database
View Ship Data while you are Playing the Game!
    Ever wondered what is the max speed of a Fer-De-Lance, the type of laser fitted on an Anaconda, or who built the Moray Starboat? Welcome to the Ship Database which provides useful information on all of the 22 ships and 2 space station types that you will encounter in the game. With other games you would have to look this up in the back of a manual, or with an accompanying chart. With Pocket PC Elite just the touch of a button on your flight console brings up the database while you are still playing the game! The database can also be viewed without starting the game for those who want to view the information separately.

    Y ou can download a standalone version of the Ship Database program which will run on any ARM, SH3 or MIPS Pocket PC.

Click the link below and start downloading now !
(File size approx 940KB)

Download the Ships Database

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