Pocket PC Elite
The PDA Version of this Classic Game!
    You are the Commander of a Cobra Mk III space ship as you travel across galaxies and star systems in your quest for fame and fortune. Buy and sell commodities to obtain the needed credits to further equip your ship for the hazards that await you in the more hostile systems. Traders, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, and Smugglers all await your arrival. Great rewards with greater risks are there for the taking. Prepare your skills for the missions to follow. The ultimate challenge awaits you if you have the resources, experience, talent, and determination to become one of the few...the proud...the Elite !

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Features Improvements
  • 8 Galaxies
  • 2000 Star Systems
  • 22 Ships
  • 7 Missions
  • 1 New Mission!
  • Built-in Ship Database
  • Pocket Explorer Manual
  • Pocket Explorer Novella
  • Quickstart Help Guide
  • Enhanced Console
  • Improved Grid Scanner
  • New Equipment Items
  • New Sound Effects
  • MP3 CD quality Music
  • Selectable Controls
  • Stylus Control fully implemented
  • Complete game save file management
  • Compatible with SD memory cards
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Pocket PC Elite
Created by Jon Welch & George Hooper

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