Pocket PC Elite is a heavily modified third generation version of the classic Elite BBC game created by Ian Bell and David Braben. The source code was originally derived from the second generation Elite - The New Kind compiled by Christian Pinder. Jon Welch ported the code to the Windows CE 3.0 operating system. Then with the assistance of George Hooper, the game was re-designed to provide an accurate rendition of the Elite gaming experience on the Pocket PC.

    Jon Welch simply does amazing things with coding! Among his many updates, he totaly re-designed the game matrix to precisely duplicate the original Elite game using the controls of a Pocket PC. Jon also re-recorded the Music for the game, updating the original scores to CD quality MP3 versions.

    George Hooper is a graphics designer as well as posessing extensive knowledge and playing skills on every major version of the Elite games. George provided all of the re-designed graphics, GUI updates, combat re-design, sound effects, and mission details for the game.

    These two hit it off from the start, and the chemistry between Jon and George resulted in not just a port of a classic game, but a definitive version to which all others should aspire. The "Best of the Best" of all the Elite games are waiting for you in Pocket PC Elite !

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