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    Should you find the buttons on your PDA are not recognized, or the functions are duplicated on more than one button, then the game doesn't recognize the button scancodes for your PDA. To resolve this problem, the game includes a small utility program which you have already downloaded and installed as part of the Pocket PC Elite installation. This utility will allow you to generate the scancodes for your PDA. Write down the codes, e-mail this information to us, and an updated configuration file will be created for use with your PDA.

    First determine if you have a button control problem by playing the game and checking each of the button functions per the table below. These are the default functions, and are set by clicking on the Reset : Defaults selection on the Game Settings screen.

ButtonFunctioniPaq Location
OneIncrease SpeedFar Left of the D-Pad
TwoDecrease SpeedLeft of the D-Pad
ThreeFire MissileRight of the D-Pad
FourFire LaserFar Right of the D-Pad
FiveTarget MissileUpper Left side of the PDA
D-PAD UpClimbD-Pad Top
D-PAD DownDiveD-Pad Bottom
D-PAD LeftRoll LeftD-Pad Left
D-PAD RightRoll RightD-Pad Right
D-PAD CenterEnter for menusD-Pad

    If the buttons do not function as per the table, then continue with the Button Test. Note that to fire a missile using Button Three, you must first target a missile to an enemy ship. Consult the manual for the missile firing instructions.

    Using File Explorer, navigate to the ElitePPC Game directory. The default installation directory is:

My Pocket PC\Program files\ElitePPC\Game

    Tap on the KeyTest program to run it. Press each button and D-Pad direction in turn. This includes all four front panel buttons, the side record button, and the Up, Down, Left, Right, and Center keys of the D-Pad.

    As you press the buttons, the scan code (up to two numbers) will display on the screen for each key. Write down each of the buttons positions and scan codes. If two numbers were displayed for a button, the order of the numbers is also important. The first number is the bottom of the pair.

    The first time you press a button, a list of internal scan codes will also appear, as well as the OEM name of your device. Please write down this all of this information.

    To exit the program, press the equivalent of RETURN or ENTER twice, which on the iPaq is done by pressing the D-Pad center key (or whatever key returns code 13 on your device).

    Next e-mail this information to us by clicking on the e-mail button below, or send it to :

Send To : support@eliteppc.com
Subject : Keymap configuration file

    From this information, the keymap configuration file for the game can be updated to support your PDA. We will send you an e-mail once this has been accomplished. You can then download the latest keymap configuration file by clicking on the Keymap button below.

    Download and unzip the file, and transfer the keymap.cfg file to your ElitePPC game installation directory. Run the game, and you should then find that the game buttons function correctly !

     download Keymap File

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